Founder and creator Chad Perry set out with an intention to bring natural and sustainable skin care products to the market that are luxurious, stylish, affordable, sustainable and most of all that feel great! His vision of bringing out the best version of yourself, is aimed at making you feel confident in your own skin no matter what the day throws at you.

And so Kokosfell was born.......

Kokosfell was created to unify both men and women in their daily skin routine, to bring out the best version of themselves.
While keeping in mind the environmental sustainability of all ingredients used in our products, Kokosfell source only the best quality and sustainable ingredients from all over the world.
Our main ingredient which is at the base of our products is coconut oil, where we source locally in Indonesia. This coconut oil is of very high quality and shines through out our products. With coconuts being high in antioxidants, vitamin E, and hydrating qualities, the oil that is pressed from the flesh is perfect for a natural alternative to most if not all products on the market today.