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Founder and creator Chad Perry set out with an intention to bring natural and sustainable skin care products to the market that are luxurious, stylish, affordable, sustainable and most of all that feel great! His vision of bringing out the best version of yourself, is aimed at making you feel confident in your own skin no matter what the day throws at you.

An all natural nutrient rich coconut oil moisturiser balm crafted with argan nut and avocado oils to keep your skin nourished, hydrated and replenished. A divine and luxurious balm that has a scent leaving your skin smelling amazing.  Crafted with Virgin


My favourite body oil/balm ever!! I use this all over my body (even face sometimes) and its smells INSANE. Everybody honestly needs to try this. You will be addicted!

Frances Grace

The Beard Oil is one of the lightest and most effective oil I have in the Barber Shop. But my personal choice, not because I can’t grow a beard; stays the Koko Balm. It’s the perfect skin care I could give to the clients after their cutthroat head or face shave and also to my hands after a day at work. All those natural ingredients really helped my hands, that were dried up after that much washing.

Le Barbier d'Elwood

One of the best products I've used. The koko bar is the best for exfoliating and removing fake tan! The koko balm I used throughout my preganancy and got no stretch marks!