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No one wants to sit under a laser for hours. I will enhance your skin by getting rid of that puffiness, dehydrated and dull skin in just 5 short minutes.

Lymphatic drainage, for smoother brighter looking skin is what I do best.

Use me in the AM & PM for effortless results and to release all that muscle tension.

Note - Clear Quartz Guasha will arrive in a suede pouch.


Assists with fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness and elasticity. This tool is perfect for someone that is looking for a non-invasive tool that will enhance their skincare routine.

- Helps stimulate muscles and circulate blood flow

- Relaxes muscles

- Reduces puffiness

- Assists lymphatic drainage

- Naturally lifts and clears the complexion.

How to use?

Apply a face serum or oil  to your clean and dry face and neck.. Using light pressure, massage across the face and neck using the below technique for at least one minute (3-5 minutes is ideal).

Jawline: gently sweep from the chin along the jawline in an upward motion towards the ears.

Neck: gently press at the base of the neck above the collar bone and move Gua Sha in an upwards motion towards the jaw.

Cheeks: gently press from the centre of the face and work outwards towards the ears (be careful and extremely gentle near the eye area).

Brow: gently sweep across the brow line starting from the centre and working outwards.

Forehead: gently sweep in an upward motion towards hairline.

We always recommend being gentle and using light pressure to avoid any bruising on the face.